The ULTIMATE Private Label Impulse Guide!
Hello and welcome to the The ULTIMATE Private Label Impulse Guide! All information was collected by myself (Lights Out) so please feel free to let me know if anything here is incorrect and needs to be changed. Thanks!

32º Degrees
Ca$h Money
FBM Factory
FBM Gothic
FBM Razzor
Freak Factory
Game Face
Hot Rod
Neurotic Sports Edition
Shocktech SFL
Ton Ton

Python Impulse
Manufacturer:  Southern Paintball Concepts
Release date:  December 2002
Price:  Gun $1099 / Body Kit $550

Notes: The Python Impulse was introduced in October 2002 at the World Cup. Southern Paintball Concepts founder Oscar Jimenez along with his machinist partner, Roy Fischer designed the Python but Smart Parts actually manufactured the gun. The Python Impulse is one of the harder to find imps these days. SPC only manufactured these guns for one year so their isn't too many of them out there. In July 2004, SPC had a "2K3 Python Closeout" sale and lowered the price from $1099 to $775


    * Custom PYTHON Milled Body w/ Autococker™ Barrel Threads & Stainless Steel Insert
    * CVS Vertical Adapter
    * Custom PYTHON Drop Forward w/ On/Off Valve
    * Custom PYTHON Front cap w/ Tapeworm Caps (2)
    * Custom PYTHON Low & Mid “Angel™” Thread Feed Ports (2 Feed Ports Total)
    * Cricket Vision™ Board
    * Vision™ System
    * Low Pressure Regulator (LPR) w/ Kit
    * Max-Flow inline regulator (Anodized to Match)
    * Strange Delrin Bolt
    * Titanium Bolt Pin
    * Brass Hammer Assembly
    * Blade Trigger - Magnetic
    * Mini Gauges (2) for Inline & LPR Pressures
    * Matching Aluminum Freak Back    
    * Matching Freak AA Front w/ One Insert
    * Blasted Matte Solid Color Finish
    * Color matched Soft-Gel Sticky Grip
    * S.P.C.’s Comprehensive Customer Service and Lifetime Product Warranty


    * Polished Anodized Finish + $75
    * Custom 2-Color Fade + $75
    * Total Freak Package + $115
    * Stainless Steel Freak Back + $25
    * Max-Flow Inline Regulator + $75
    * 68/4500 Max-Flow System + $350

Python Body Kit

    * PYTHON Milled Body w/ “Autocoker™” Barrel Threads & Stainless Steel Insert
    * CVS Vertical Adapter
    * PYTHON Front Cap w/ Tapeworm Caps (2)
    * PYTHON Mid Rise “Angel™” thread feed port
    * Delrin ‘Strange Bolt’ w/ Titanium Bolt Pin
    * Brass Hammer Upgrade Kit

SIC Impulse
Manufacturer: Sick Innovative Customs
Release date: 2003

     * Custom built SIC Impulse: $1,700
     * SIC milling (one color):       $550
     * SIC milling (two colors):      $650
     * SIC milling (three colors):    $750

Notes:The SIC milling was done by Milkman and Alphy. Yes, that is the same Milkman that made the "Milkman Trigger" for the iframe. These impulses were available in two different milling styles, full length and shorty. The frist shorty every cut was blue/yellow/orange fade. The last shorty every cut was pink to pewter fade. Everything was designed in CAD and the marker body was cut on a high-tech CNC mill. Due to the intricate designs of the "ribs", the full length milling was only available in a dust finish. The glossy finish lost too much of the detail of the milling. A complete SIC impulse could only be purchased through Hyper Sport Works, but if you sent in your stock body to SIC, they could do the milling and anno. The SIC Impulse was one of the only true custom non-smart parts designed Impulse.


     * custom milling      
     * Freak barrel
     * I-Frame
     * HypAir foregrip
     * twister high rise
     * NDZ internals
     * NDZ LPR
     * 68/4500 MaxFlo

Full Length Milling

Here are some pics of the first full-length SIC protoype.

Shorty Milling

Atomix Impulse -Factory Limited Edition aka "A-Bomb"
Manufacturer: Atomix Paintball
Release date: May 2003
Price: $749.99 (base) - $ 899.99 (w/i-frame)

Notes: The owner of Atomix Paintball, John Taormina, went to Smart Parts and together they designed the Atomix Impulse but Smart parts did all the CAD and milling work for it. The Atomix Impulse was first introduced at IAO in 2003. It was initially only available in black, blue or gray. But more colors came out later.


     * custom milling
     * Hi Flow Internals
     * strange bolt and pull pin
     * brass hammer
     * vision board
     * vertical Maxflo
     * i-frame (optional)
     * freak barrel w/.689

Atomix TRIBAL Impulse
Manufacturer: Atomix Paintball
Released date: August 2004
Price: $599.99

Notes: In 2004 Atomix Paintball moved out all of the old style Atomix Imps to make room for the new ones. They worked with Smart Parts to come out with a much cheaper version. They wanted to make this new Atomix Imp a direct competitor with the other main low cost custom Imps.

     * Tape Worm
     * SS Ram
     * Brass Hammer
     * Blade Trigger
     * Delrin Valve
     * Progressive Barrel
     * Delrin "Strange" bolt
     * Atomix Low Rise
     * Atomix Front Cap
     * Atomix "Shocker" MaxFlo
     * Atomix Gas through Grip (Extra In Box)
     * Cricket Board (blind)
     * Stock colors (black, blue, red, silver, pewter)

Extra Options:
     * Smart Parts LPR (+90)
     * Freak barrel (+120) Freak Kit (+179) Freak Kit w/ SS Back (+199)
     * WAS Board 32+ BPS Reflective Eye (+149)
     * Red to Black (+75) Blue to Light Blue (+75) Dark Grey to Pewter (+75)


Ca$h Money Impulse
Manufacturer:  Mikes Paintball
Release date:  June 2003
Price: $649

Notes: The Ca$h Money Impulse was designed to be lightweight with clean, round bodies. It was manufactured by Smart Parts but designed by Pat, Ryan and Mike, 3 players from Mike's Mercenaries. The Ca$h Money Impulse also came in a "Junior" style. The Ca$h Junior came with all the features of the Ca$h Money EXCEPT it came with a progressive barrel (instead of freak) and a regular blade trigger for $100 less ($549). Their were about 400 Ca$h Money imps produced.

     * custom cut Ca$h Money bodies (the front cap is ready to accept an LPR)
     * Maxflo vertical reg
     * Freak Barrel w/.693 insert and 14" All American front
     * tapeworm,
     * magnetic trigger
     * brass hammer
     * Strange delrin bolt


Matte solid colors - $649  
Polished solid colors - $699
Matte fades - $ 689  
Polished fades colors - $ 769


Mini Reg LPR + $ 75
Vision Eye + $ 149
Maxflo system + $ 349 (45/68/72/88 - 4500psi)


Ton Ton Impulse
Manufacturer: Smart Parts
Release date: March 2003
Price: $1700

Notes: The Ton Ton Impulse was manufactured by Smart Parts and used by the French team, Ton Tons Flingeurs. The Ton Ton was a limited edition impulse and was extremely hard to find when they were first released. It was featured in the September 2003 issue of FaceFull magazine.

     * custom milled body and gas thru grip
     * Magnetic Blade Trigger
     * Stainless Meteor Hammer
     * ANS Jackhammer LPR with tapeworm
     * 14" Freak barrel with .693 insert
     * 68 cubic inch, 4500 PSI Maxflo air system
     * vertical maxflo (later available)

Meteor Impulse
Manufacturer: Meteor Paintball
Release date: August 2001
Price: $1400

Notes:The Meteor Impulse was originally made for an outfit over in France. They were not able to sell their quota so Smart Parts shopped them around to other dealers such as Michigan Paintball, Paintball Wholesalers, Paintball Gear and Atomix Paintball. The Atomix Factory team actually used Meteor Imps before they created their Atomix Impulse. Their was an extensive review of the Meteor in the October 2001 issue of PGi magazine. The knock on the Metoer was that you are paying a HIGH price tage for the milling (which takes a long time to do because it uses several tool changes ans some real small mills, the internals and performance of the Meteor was not the best out there.

    * lightweight milled body
    * Custom Milled Gas Thru Grip
    * Matching AA Barrel
    * Vision Eye Board
    * Tapeworm
    * Voodoo Bolt
    * Delrin Bolt Pin
    * solid anodizing (blue, purple, gray, black, clear, green, yellow)
    * trigger job
    * stainless steel hammer designed for low pressure
    * Maxflo 4500 (68ci or 88ci)


Adrenalin Impulse
Manufacturer: Adrenaline Products
Release date: August 2002
Price: $949 (solid color) $999 (two colors) $1049 (three colors)

Notes: According to James Graley, president of Adrenaline Products, their were a little under 600 Adrenalin impulses manufactured. So they are a fairly common private label impulse.


* New Style Adrenalin Version "Cricket" Vision Board
* Adrenalin Bolt (Black Derlin) with Adrenalin Gel Decal
* Adrenalin Stainless Hammer
* Derlin Valve
* Adrenalin Serial # i.e. A.I.00023
* Choice of Adrenalin Low Rise or Adrenalin Hi Rise
* Adrenalin Rear Hammer Cap
* Adrenalin GP Slide Check - which is an extremely fancy tapeworm. It's actually mechanical and moves back and forth to regulate airflow somewhat like a 14-way operates. Its an Air Check Valve. It functions the same or better as an LPR setup except it does not lower the operating pressure as much and will tend to operate around 165 psi. Those interested in a lower operating pressure around 135 psi should purchase the LPR option listed below. The GP takes up the entire right tube. It is made up of a rear tube where the mechanical parts are located and a threaded front tube that is colored or chromed for appearance and can be switched out for different colors (so the milled through "Adrenalin" name shows up differently). The GP Slide Check will not function along with the Adrenalin LPR setup and therefore the rear part of the tube of those who choose an LPR option will be for appearance only and operate as an airway only as all airflow management operations will be performed by the LPR and not by the GP Check Valve.
* Adrenalin Grip Frame - with choice of Single Trigger or Double Trigger frame setup. The Adrenalin Grip Frame is a 1-piece frame/solenoid tray housing that will fit the new cricket board. We relocated the solenoid tray setup to decrease the height by 1/2" and we moved the entire grip forward quite aggressively. There are  no milled sections for the old style on/off switch on the left or the rubber cover on the right side. It has a built in magnet utilizing a unique magnetic trigger setup.
* Adrenalin Chrome Button  - Chrome on/off (cricket button) on the back replaces the black plastic one. It definitely adds a little bling-bling to the gun.
* Worlds First ever 4th Axis Impulse body - The Adrenalin Impulse body has been custom drilled for unique airflow and connections. Although this means some parts from other companies including smart parts will not fit or operate on an A.I. you wont want them to. We redesigned it for optimum performance and that is exactly what you will get. The Air inlet and the vertical screw has been moved forward to align the gas-through grip with the front of the grip frame rather than setting it back off of it. This allows for room to get your fingers in between it and the trigger frame which is required because we've moved the grip frame forward about 1".
* Choice of Adrenalin Vertical Adapter or Adrenalin 15 Degree Adapter - These adapters are made to accept US threaded regulators and gas through grips. They will not fit stock impulses due to our customization of the body and adapter connections and airflow pathways but they fit the A.I. very nicely!
* Adrenalin Single Trigger (for single frames) or Double Trigger (for double frames) - Also for those who prefer the double trigger frame setup, there is an additional choice of either a stick trigger or double trigger or both. Again due to our custom frame & trigger setup the Adrenalin Triggers currently function only with Adrenalin Impulses.
* Adrenalin Gas Through Grip - Hands down the most stylish and innovative gas-through to-date for the Impulse. Machined to match the rest of the Adrenalin Impulse. A visual beauty!
* Adrenalin Bolt Pin and Adrenalin Threaded Head - Look for additional stylish Adrenalin "pinheads" in the future.
* Adrenalin Stainless Steel Screw Set - We replaced all of the screws on the gun with stainless steel versions. Don't worry about rust, we've got you covered.
* Adrenalin Front Cap - These include an Adrenalin Gel Decal for those with GP setups and underneath the decal is an Allen screw. Should you choose to upgrade to the LPR setup at any later date, simply remove the Adrenalin Gel Decal, remove the Allen screw, thread in the Adrenalin LPR, remove the GP valve and insert the chromed air tube and you're good to go.  Upgrade from the Check Valve to the LPR in less than one hour.
* Matching (both front AND back) freak barrel with choice of 1 insert (any size).
* Blasted Finish
* Solid Color anodizing (blue, red, purple, green, black, silver, etc)
* Color matched soft-gel sticky grips with Adrenalin Gel Decals
* Personalized Adrenalin plastic photo ID Card - for service and repair tracking as well as theft   protection
* Adrenalin's Famous Customer Service and Warranty Coverage


* Reflective Polished finish rather than blasted finish: $50
* MATCHING Max-Flo regulator and 68ci tank (other tank sizes available): $350
* Remove gas-thru grip and add matching vertical Max-Flo: $50
* Upgrade from Freak Barrel with 1 insert to entire Freak set with case and 8 inserts: $100
* Upgrade Freak barrel back to Stainless Steel: $20
* Adrenalin Impulse barrel bag: $6.99
* Adrenalin Tank cover: $18.99

Configure a Custom Color Gun or Package and Choose from:
Acid Wash: $1149 (blasted) $1199 (polished)
Splash: $1149 (blasted) $1199 (polished)
Spaghetti: $1149 (blasted) $1199 (polished)
Custom Fade: $1199 (blasted) $1249 (polished)
Fade with Reverse Splash: $1199 (blasted) $1249 (polished)

The following list of colors the first batch of AI's

Blue to light blue to silver fade (blasted and polished)
Yellow to orange to red fade - aka "llifesaver" (blasted and polished)
Black to blue fade (Factory team colors) - (blasted only)
Red to black fade (blasted and polished)
Green to black fade (blasted and polished)
Blue (blasted and polished)
Blood red (blasted and polished)
Black (blasted and polished))


RAT Impulse
Manufacturer: E-Paintball Outlet
Release date: December 2001
Price: $600

Notes: Their were many different variations of the RAT impulses which included the RAT Junior, RAT EQ+(shown), RAT LTD, RAT Junior EQ+, RAT Junior Stage 2, Ultimate RAT, and Project RAT LPR. E-Paintball Outlet also had WAS boards, I-frames, and OTB frames available to put on custom ordered RAT's. The first 2 RAT's to be released were the Weir RAT (matte gray) and the Cave RAT (matte black).  


     * Custom Rat Milled Body
     * Custom Rat Front Cap
     * Custom Rat Feed Tube (With O-Ring Grooves)
     * Vertical Max-flo Reg
     * Freak Barrel
     * Blade Trigger
     * Smart Parts Sticky Grips
     * Vertical Full Flow (VFF)
     * Stubby VooDoo bolt
     * New Designs Slick Shaft
     * Smart Parts Brass Hammer
     * Match Anodized
     * Lifetime Warranty

Predator Impulse
Manufacturer: Imperial Paintball
Release date: March 2003

     * Predator Impulse: $825
     * Dark Predator:     $650
     * Predator Milling:   $250
     * Predator Body:    $300

Notes: The Predator Impulse was milled by Marc from Tarantula Manufacturing but then anodized and sold by Bill Alexander aka "Werm" at Imperial Paintball. These imps were milled from stock bodies and also included an optional Predator frame from Tarantula MFG (shown in pic below). The Predator was first shown to the world at Skyball 2003 and received very high praise from the impulse community. Bill assembled a little over 60 Predator's. So needless to so, they are quite rare.


     * Freak Barrel w/ .689 insert
     * New Designz 15* ASA
     * Custom Logo plate
     * Predator valve cap
     * Centerflag Reg or Vertical Maxflo Reg
     * New designz/Tarantula high or no rise
     * Werm Undertow bolt with 4 tips
     * New Deisgnz slick shot ram
     * New Designz RIP valve
     * New Designz Brass hammer
     * Werm, predator, iframe or stock frame.
     * Predator custom milling and anodizing.
     * Shocktech drop froward

Freak Factory Impulse
Manufacturer: Smart Parts
Release date: July 2001

     * Minor Freak: $1095 (Vision, Co2 setup, Freak Barrel/one insert, solid color)
     * Full Freak: $1495 (Vision, 4500 system, Freak barrel kit)

Notes: The Freak Factory Impulse was first introduced on April 8, 2001 at "The Ultimate Madness" 3v3 tournament in Virginia.  


     * Super Chamber : less wasted air, doesn't affect recover time  
     * Supa Fly Hammer: less friction, more consistent velocity, hand polished
     * Snap Cap: positive response, less wasted gas
     * Swiss Ram: 33% more flow, stainless steel for strength, hand polished for less resistance
     * Push Piston: unrestricted flow
     * Freak Factory Bolt: lightened to increase response
     * Brass Hammer: balanced weight for stabilized velocity, excellent for delrin bolts  
     * Titanium Hammer Piston: increased strength, lighter weight
     * Titanium Bolt Pin: stronger and lighter
     * Vision Board: no chopped balls
     * Shorty Grip Frame: reduces overall height of marker
     * Tremor Trigger : shortened trigger pull
     * Freak Factory Gas Thru Grip
     * New Style Max Flow


     * Vision Board Anti-Chop eye + $100
     * Two color Fade Anodizing + $200
     * Max Flow 4500psi (choice, 45, 88, 68 tank size) + $200
     * VL Revolution 12 volt power to feed the beast + $50

Nasty Impulse
Manufacturer: Paintball Wholesalers
Release date: February 2002
Price: $624.95 (base model)

Notes: The Nasty Impulse was designed by Rick Hartman, owner of Paintball Wholesalers.  


     * Magnetic Trigger Mod
     * Smart Parts Freak Barrel (Aluminum Back, Matching Tip, One Insert (your choice of size)
     * Smart Parts Gel Grips
     * Smart Parts Freak Bolt
     * Titanium Bolt Pin
     * TapeWorm
     * New & improved Smart Parts chip board!


     * Two Color Fade + $75
     * Vision Eye + $155
     * Vertical Reg + $35
     * Stainless Steel Freak Back + $20
     * Blade Trigger - $30

Game Face Impulse
Manufacturer: Game Face Paintball
Release date: May 2003
Price: $699 - $999

Notes: The Game Face impulse "aka" Thunder Impulse was designed by Mitch Karn (captain) of X-ball team "Detroit Thunder." As usual Smart Parts did all the manufacturing of the gun itself. Game Face is Crosman's - the BB gun manufacturers' - "paintball division". They owned Detroit Thunder who was sponsored by Smart Parts. Free Flow ( had a semi exclusive deal on the Game Face impulse and sold it and other Game Face impulse parts through their website.


Thunder Vision Impulse: $999
     * Lightweight custom Game Face milled body
     * Vision firing system
     * Brass hammer
     * Vertical regulator to bottom line setup
     * LPR kit w/tapeworm
     * Freak barrel w/14'' AA front and 1 insert
     * Delrin bolt
     * Titanium pull pin
     * Magnetic blade trigger
     * Smart grip
     * Extra vertical handle
     * Custom twister feed port

Thunder Impulse: $699
     * Lightweight custom Game Face milled body
     * Vertical regulator to bottom line setup
     * Tapeworm
     * Brass hammer
     * 14'' Tear Drop barrel
     * Blade trigger
     * Custom center feed port


Demonic Impulse
Manufacturer: Roughneck Paintball
Release date: November 2001
Price: $949.99

Notes: Demonic Impulses were one of the first Private Label impulses. They didn't sell too long due to a disagreement with Roughneck Paintball and Smart Parts on the amount of bodies they were to buy. Tez Patel was the owner of Roughneck Paintball and designed the Demonic Impulse. After the disagreement Smart Parts had some bodies leftover so they decided to use the Demonic design for their new "custom" Team Strange impulses. Which is why the Demonic imp looks "oddly" similar to the Strange! Rumor has it their were about 50 Demonic Imps manufactured. People who already owned a stock impulse could "Turn Demonic" and have their stock bodies milled into a Demonic for $500.

In January 2002 Roughneck Paintball released Demonic Impulse 2.0.  

 · Strangler feedtube
 · New grip frame (like the I-Frame, but with outside trigger adjustments and will accept any Imp trigger)
 · New valve cap
 · Sticky grips
 · Freak barrel with titanium insert
 · One-piece solenoid tray and grip frame
 · Demonic Full Flow modification
 · Choice of 13 degree or straight bottomline adapter
 · Flame milling

Original Features:

     * Demonic Backbone Milling (15oz lighter than stock Impulse)
     * Demonic Strangler high/low rise compression feed tube
     * Demonic trigger frame
     * Demonic Devil’s Tongue trigger (choice of magnetic or non-magnetic)
     * Demonic Black Hole Hammer
     * Demonic Ramher Piston
     * Demonic Roar Delrin bolt w/ Roar pin
     * Demonic Portal Valve
     * Demonic Delusion front cap
     * Demonic gas thru for grip
     * Cricket board
     * Freak barrel with one insert & All American tip
     * Sidewinder Inline regulator
     * Double ball detents

Main Internal Mods include:

~Ultra Light Demonic Derlin Bolt
(no orings comes straight out the back, not much bigger than an angel bolt, less kick, higher flow for better efficancy.)

~High Polish Demonic Ram Piston
(Quicker snappier action, different orings to allow for a smoother faster actuation)

~High Flow Demonic Ram
(Slightly higher flow than stock, for quicker cycling)

~High Flow Demonic Valve
(higher flow here means less dwell needed, higher ROF and better efficancy)

~Fine Tuning
(parts matched to each gun, and throughly tested)

Your choice of any anodizing colors:

     * Fades or Patterns + $75
     * Vision + $150  


Strange Vision Impulse
Manufacturer: Smart Parts
Release date: March 2002

     Standard Strange Vision: $1020
          * Includes all features listed below.
          * Black or Solid Color
     Ultimate Strange Vision: $1470
          * Includes all features listed below.
          * Black or Solid Color
          * Max-Flo 4500 System
          * Full Freak Kit (8 inserts)

Notes:  The Strange impulse was "designed" by Team Strange but milled and manufactured by Smart Parts. Smart Parts claims Team Strange designed their own impulse but the truth is the body was designed by Roughneck Paintball and used on their Demonic Impulse. When the Demonic impulse stopped being manufactured Smart Parts used the old bodies for their Strange impulse.


     * Custom Milled Body
     * Matching Freak Barrel Front and Back
     * Matching Twister Top (High Rise)
     * Max-Flo Vertical Regulator
     * Matching Vertical Gas-thru Handle
     * Short Delrin Bolt
     * Titanium Bolt Pin
     * Brass Hammer Assembly
     * Low Pressure Regulator (LPR)
     * Tapped End Cap for LPR
     * Tapeworm with LPR Fitting
     * Smart Grip
     * Blade Trigger


     * Fade color + $100  
     * Blade Trigger + $30  
     * Magnet Trigger + $75  
     * Twister Top + $40  
     * Total Freak Kit (8 inserts + case) + $125  
     * Stainless Freak Back + $25  
     * 4500 Max-Flo System + $350  


Toxic Impulse
Manufacturer: Toxic Performance
Release date: August 2001
Price: $750 (single color, non-vision), $850 (fade, non-vision), $950 (single color, vision), $1050 (fade, vision)

Notes: Toxic Performance's designers believed in the Impulse so much that they wanted to put their mark on a few of them. "The Impulse's design and popularity both make it an obvious choice for us to want to work on them, said Toxic's Dave Rotunda."  He adds, "We all love the way they shoot, and how easy they are to work on, but we knew that it wouldn't be too hard to make them a bit nicer looking."  Toxic had a good run in the paintball world and was later purchased by Diablo Direct Paintball Business Supply.

Toxic expressed interest in doing a custom gun to Smart Parts and they received wholehearted support from them, so much so that Smart Parts would be willing to produce the Impulses they designed for Toxic.

Their were approximately 350 Toxic Impulses manufactured including the 2nd style milling with the "windows". In January 2002, Toxic Impulses now came stock with New Designz bolts/pins and a tapeworm. Toxic made 10 vision, and 10 non-vision of every color they produced. They usually had "runs" of about 10 guns (sometimes 6, sometimes 2).

At the 2003 World Cup, Toxic released the "new milling pattern" aka "2004 Toxic Impulse." Their were only 98 Imps produced in this style. They featured "windows" near the back bolt area of the gun.

Only March 4, 2004, Cousin's Paintball was robbed and ONE Toxic Impulse was stolen. It was an Orange to Yellow Fade, non-vision # 00186.

Below is a list of "runs" to help you identify the rarity and age of your Toxic.

*Note* Earlier Toxic's have a DUST/MATTE finish. Around the 8th series (Sept '02), Toxic began using a polished finish.

1st Series: Black (sold out in 2 weeks)
2nd Series: Silver, Yellow
3rd Series: Light Gold, Silver, Dark purple (Barney), Blue-Silver fade (6 each)
4th Series: Red-Charcoal fade (aka "Burning Ash fade)
5th Series: Red/White/Blue fade, Red/Orange/Yellow (aka "dusk")
6th Series: "Blood", "Blood fade", "Dawn" (red, yellow, orange)  
7th Series: Ectoplasm Green, Orange/Yellow fade  
8th Series: Ice blue (polished), red (polished), Blue-Grey fade (polished, only 2 were made and Toxic sold them at the 2002 World Cup!)

* I am sure their are more colors that I am missing. Please let me know if you have any more info.


     * Rate of Fire-    13 Balls per second MROF
     * Efficiency  -    1000+ shots (68-4500 tank)

Exclusive Toxic Features

     * Lightweight   -    3 Pounds 9 Oz
     * Toxic Trigger  -   Adjustable to as short as 1mm
     * Accuracy      -    14 inch Freak barrel
     * Vertical Reg   -   More comfortable, shorter height
     * Delrin Bolt      -   New Designz, No more lubing
     * Titanium Pin   -   New Designz, lightweight, strong
     * Brass Hammer -   Balanced weight, stable velocity
     * Tapeworm     -    Eliminates all re-cocking problems
     * Anodizing      -    We only produce 10 guns per color
     * Warranty      -    We'll fix your marker forever


     * Vision Eye   + $125
     * 2 color fade + 100

1st Generation style (Toxic jewel)

2004 Toxic style (Has "bolt window" instead of Toxic jewel, also has polished finish)

AVI Impulse
Manufacturer: Action Village
Release date: December 2001
Price: $649.99 (non-vision) $824.99 (vision)

Notes: The AVI impulse was a limited edition impulse release by Action Village (Paintball Gear). The AVI was originally called the TKO impulse but for unknown reasons was renamed. AVI Impulses were made exclusively for Action Village's by Smart Parts. Smart Parts stamped them with the AVI Products brand acknowledging their technical input into the design and development of their products.


     * Cut and Carved by the Freak Factory Team
     * Blasted Fade Anodizing
     * New 2001 14'' All American barrel design with removable freak front
     * Vision Eye - Prevents chopped balls and misfires (optional)
     * Maxflow Vertical Regulator
     * Macro-line bottom-line adapter
     * Custom Blade Trigger Work - Shortened pull with reduced slack

32º Impulse
Manufacturer: 32 Degree Paintball
Release date: May 2001
Price: $695.00

Notes: The 32º Impulse is pretty much a stock impulse with a milled body. They made just about 500 of these guns. It was a joint effort between 32 and Smart Parts.


     * Lightweight vertical feed body
     * improved fast-fire rate
     * integrated on/off switch
     * vertical Maxflo regulator

Shocktech SFL Impulse
Manufacturer: Shocktech USA
Released date: October 2003
Price: $1200

Notes: The Shocktech SFL Impulse was first shown to the world at the PSP World Cup in 2003. The impulse didn't take off the way Shocktech had expected them too. For the high price tag, customers would have rather bought a Strange, Rat, Freak Factory, etc.


     * 3D Machined Body
     * Super Fly Bolt
     * Phat Hammer
     * Custom Milling and Anodizing
     * Matching Freak Barrel w/ 695 Stainless Insert
     * Vertical Max Flow Regulator
     * Matching mini drop forward and on/off bottomline
     * Tapeworm w/ CPA fitting
     * Blade Trigger
     * Free upgrade to any future Shocktech Accessories for gun
     * Smart Grip
     * Integrated Low Pressure Regulator
     * 3.370 lbs

Hotrod Impulse
Manufacturer: Boston Paintball Supply
Released date: March 2001
Price: $699.00

Notes: The Hotrod Impulse was one of the first private label impulse ever manufactured. Can't say it was one of the prettiest PL imps but it surely was one of the first! Despite the secrecy from Boston paintball Supply, they did in fact manufacture and sell this gun. The proof is in the picture below!

Features: The features are really unknown - but by comparing the Hotrod to the base Smart Parts Impulse, their are a few notable differences.

     * custom milling & anno
     * custom feedneck
     * custom ram assembly
     * custom trigger

Eclipse Impulse
Manufacturer: Planet Eclipse
Released date: July 2001
Price: $1350

Notes: The Eclipse Impulse was manufactured in Europe but still was backed by the Smart Parts name and gaurentee. In May of 2002 Planet Eclipse released the "New" Eclipse Impulse. It had all the old features with some added new ones. Soon after Eclipse decided they didn't want to retail the Eclipse Impulse any longer, so bought up the remaining guns and sold them under the name "Mouse Impulse" without the Eclipse jewels on the gun.

Planet Eclipse also produced the infamous "Aurora Impulse." Their are no exact numbers confirming how many were Aurora's were made, but the general consensus is that no more than 10 were ever manufactured. Exactly how they were made is still a tightly guarded secret by the Planet Eclipse team. Back when they were selling these, Planet Eclipse stated that the process took 40,000 volts and had a 90% failure rate. Whether or not this was a marketing ploy is still unknown.


     * Low Pressure Valve System Runs At 175 PSI
     * All PU Seals In Ram Assembly
     * Delrin Shortened 7-Port High-Flo Venturi Bolt
     * Tourney Locking Reg
     * Stainless Steel Eclipse Hammer
     * Aggressor Solenoid Optimizer
     * 2002 Push Button “Cricket Board”
     * Tourney Semi Auto Only Mode
     * Power Isolation Switch
     * Fire Pulse Indicator
     * Push Button Digital Valve Dwell Control
     * Vision Anti-Chop Electric Eye System
     * Trigger Assembly
     * 2002 Magno Blade Trigger
     * Trigger Length Adjustments
     * Fire-Point Adjustment
     * Magnetic Trigger Return Mechanism
     * Matching Soft Gel Rubber Grips
     * Vertical Low Rise Feed (Satin Guns)
     * Vertical Hi-Rise Feed (Polished Guns)
     * Swoosh Design following the theme of the Eclipse Cocker and Bushmaster.
     * Dual Style Lens Coated Badges (Jewels)
     * Dual Anti-Double Ball detents
     * Bolt Relief, cut out at back for shorter bolt and improved ergonomics
     * All bodies "Vision" compatible
     * Eclipse Low-Pressure Chamber. Bigger volume chamber
     * Vertical Front Mounted Reg with Mini Gauge Mounted.
     * 12 inch Freak Barrel w/ 0.693 Insert
     * 1/4 inch Hose Kit For Flexible Mounting
     * Anodizing to: Body, Tray, Grip Frame, Barrel, LPC, Main Reg, Adjusters, Trigger
     * High-Gloss Anodising or Satin Finish
     * Choice Of: Single Color, Splash Or Fade Anodising


     * Weight: 1.10kg (2lb 6oz) w/o Barrel And Reg
     * Length: 480mm (19_ inch) w/Barrel
     * Gas Efficiency: 1500 Shots From 1.1 litre (68 cu in) 4500 psi Tank (Armageddon)
     * Operating Pressure: 150-200 psi (Factory Set @ 150 psi For Testing)
     * Rate-Of-Fire: 13 BPS in Semi, 20 BPS in Vision Mode


     * Eclipse Fangz Button Guard
     * Eclipse Aggressor High Flow Valve Set (increase Gas Efficiency by 10%)
     * Eclipse Anti Double Balls
     * Eclipse Drop Forwards / Drop Lines


Aurora Impulse

Mouse Impulse
Manufacturer: E-Paintball Outlet
Released date: April 2003
Price: $699

Notes: When Planet Eclipse stopped selling the Eclipse Impulse, E-Paintball Outlet purchased their leftover inventory, customized the gun to their liking, and resold the gun under the name Mouse Impulse. The Mouse body is the exact same as the Eclipse Impulse, minus the Eclipse jewels.


     * custom millled body from smart parts
     * derlin bolt
     * two piece pull pin
     * Ti hammer
     * Ti ram
     * after market valve
     * Smart Parts vision board
     * Feak Barrel w/ .693 insert
     * Smart Parts LPR
     * vertical maxflo reg
     * low rise
     * magno trigger

Tiger Impulse
Manufacturer: Diablo (Sweden)
Released date: April 2001
Price: Unknown

Notes: I personally had never heard of the Tiger Impulse until I started to write this guide. It's clearly one of the first private label imps. It had an Angel LCD trigger frame on it which I have never seen before!


     * Vertical feed impulse
     * Rekka mini impulse bolt
     * Angel SE double trigger frame
     * ASA Adapter
     * Drilled Vigilante
     * Rekka cermic pipa ?
     * Vision Eye system


FBM Gothic Impulse
Manufacturer: Fireball Mountain
Released date: March 2004
Price: $499

Notes: Their were actually two different Gothic body styles sold by Fireball Mountain. They look very similair expect the 2nd generation body had the top tube milled a little. Gothic's were milled from stock bodies. Gothic Impulses could have spikes installed on the body and were sold separately by FBM.


     * Custom Milling and Anodizing
     * Magnetic trigger
     * Voodoo Delrin Bolt
     * Matching Tape Worm
     * Freak Jr Barrel with .693 insert
     * Max Flo Bottomline Regulator
     * Matching Custom Gas Thru Foregrip
     * Vision Ready Body and Board
     * Titanium Bolt Pin
     * Brass Hammer
     * Smart Parts Gel Grips
     * FBM Factory Limited Lifetime Warranty!!!

Gothic Impulse - First genernation body

Gothic Impulse - Second generation body

FBM Body Kit

Gothic: $245 (raw) $320 (1 color)

Spikes were be purchased seperately (10 included, holds 20 total) : $0.95/each

 FBM Factory Impulse
Manufacturer: Fireball Mountain
Released date: 2004-2005
Price: $499

Notes: FBM Factory bodies were milled from stock bodies and also sported the FBM insignia engraved on the side.


     * Custom Milling and Anodizing
     * Magnetic trigger
     * Voodoo Delrin Bolt
     * Matching Tape Worm
     * Freak Jr Barrel with .693 insert
     * Max Flo Bottomline Regulator
     * Matching Custom Gas Thru Foregrip
     * Vision Ready Body and Board
     * Titanium Bolt Pin
     * Brass Hammer
     * Smart Parts Gel Grips
     * FBM Factory Limited Lifetime Warranty!!!

FBM Body Kit

FBM Factory: $245 (raw) $320 (1 color)

FBM Razzor Impulse
Manufacturer: Fireball Mountain
Released date: 2004-2005
Price: ?

Notes: FBM also produced a 3rd body style known in the Impulse community as the "Razzor" body style. Not much else is known abut these bodies.  


     * Custom Milling and Anodizing
     * Magnetic trigger
     * Voodoo Delrin Bolt
     * Matching Tape Worm
     * Freak Jr Barrel with .693 insert
     * Max Flo Bottomline Regulator
     * Matching Custom Gas Thru Foregrip
     * Vision Ready Body and Board
     * Titanium Bolt Pin
     * Brass Hammer
     * Smart Parts Gel Grips
     * FBM Factory Limited Lifetime Warranty!!!

Evil Impulse
Manufacturer: Evil Paintball
Released date: March 2003
Price: $899

Notes: In March 03's issue PGI their was an interview with Mike Lynch of Evil Factory (team). Here is an excert of the interview.

PGI: First Things first: you shot nine pods and a hopper in a 1:38 game - thats an average of roughly 15 BPS. Now either you've got an insane gun or your fingers don't obey the laws of space and time...which is it?

Mike Lynch: Even though you still don't believe me! It's true - I shot nine pods and a hopper against KAPP Factory in the finals and the game lasted 1:38. The gun is an Impulse with a Hyper Sport Works I-Frame, Evil Respirator, Evil Hammer, Evil Bolt and Evil Valve installed on it - and it is insanely fast. Sometimes when I am shooting it I am amazed at how fast it is. I am sure that my fingers have something to do with it but without the gun being fast itself I wouldn't be able to shoot like that.

PGI Note: due to the overwhelming responses to how fast Mike's gun shot at Huntington Beach, PMI has announced that it is releasing an Evil Impulse, set-up exactly like Mike's. We understand that the first run will be a stock body with Evil stuff on it and a Hyper Sport Works I-Frame. The next run will be an Evil Factory Team Edition and will be cut and carved as well.

P.S. The "cut and carved" Evil Impulse was never released.


     * HSW I-frame
     * 14'' Evil Pipe barrel (.693)
     * Evil Respirator LPR
     * Evil Grips
     * Evil Valve
     * Evil Hammer
     * Evil bolt
     * Evil back cap
     * PMI Pure Energy Regulator
     * Relocated PRV (to the rear 1/8 plug)

Dark Impulse
Manufacturer: Warped Sportz
Released date: August 2004
Price: $1050
Notes: In January 2005 Warped Sportz released the Dark Impulse v1.5. They changed the Maxflo reg from the old style to the new "shocker" style reg. Plus the body was designed slightly different to allow air to flow more. Finally they added some new colors and dropped the price to $850.

     * Timmy Style Function Bolt
     * Function Valve
     * Function Hammer
     * Function LPR Kit
     * Function ASA on/off
     * Function Clamping Feedport
     * Lucky 15 Barrel (.691 bore)
     * Vertical Maxflo Regulator
     * Four Available colors Red, Blue, Black or Silver

Dark Impulse v1

Dark Impulse v1.5

Neurotic Sports Edition Impulse
Manufacturer: Neurotic Sports
Release date: March 2001
Price: $799

Notes: The Neurotic Impulse is just a stock impulse with an anno job and "Neurotic Sports Edition" laser engraved on the side. The only aftermarket piece on the gun was the freak barrel.


     *  Freak barrels system, with tip anodized to match marker body
     *  limited lifetime warranty
     *  Available in yellow, orange, purple, or a custom color you create

VooDoo Impulse
Manufacturer: Smart Parts Europe
Release date: April 2002
Price: £890 (about $1000 US)

Notes: The VooDoo Impulse body looked identical to the Freak Factory Impulse. The VooDoo Impulse included aftermarket parts from the "VooDoo" line.


     * Voodoo Bolt
     * Voodoo Bullet Cap
     * Twister Feed Tube
     * Freak or All American Barrel
     * Tape Worm
     * Hyper Sport Works I-Frame (black or silver)
     * Vertical and GTS Grip
     * Vision Cricket Board with super fast program at 22 BPS
     * Brass Hammer
     * Lightweight Locking Pin
     * Max-Flo 4500psi regulator (no tank, subtract £110 if you don't want reg)

Available Colors

     * Solid Blue
     * Solid Silver
     * Solid Red
     * Fade Blue
     * Fade Grey
     * Fade Red
     * Custom color (call Smart Parts)

Manufacturer: Hyper Sport Works
Release date: January 2003 (kinda, see below)
Price: Unknown

Notes: John "Hysider" Young was a Smart Parts trained technician and the owner of Hyper Sport Works. He was the brains behind the I Frame, HypeAir foregrips and everything HSW for that matter. His business partner was Doug Murphy.

Sometime around the beginning of 2003, John decided to release a very limited number of his own custom Impulse. John was going to call the new impulse either "HyperPulse" or "MegaPulse" (he hadn't decided on a name just yet). The Impulse was still in the protoype phase when a devasting fire struck which sidetracked the project and eventually caused HSW to go out of business. Before the fire, HSW manufactured about 3 or 4 bodies protoyped and the I Frame matched. New Designz was going to work out the internals for them before the project was derailed. Sadly enough, the HyperPulse was never fully released.

Below is a picture of the first protoype of the HyperPulse! Notice the hole in the middle of the body? John put holes in the middle of the body to be able to see the valve.



     * I-Frame
     * HypeAir Foregrip
     * Twister Feed tube
     * Freak barrel
     * Delrin bolt
     * Custom Delrin Bolt pin
     * Brass hammer
     * New Designz Slikshot Ram
     * Custom valve cap
     * Custom milling
     * 3 color anodizing (red/black/yellow, blue/silver/orange or yellow/dark gray/red)


Blizzard Impulse
Manufacturer: Blizzard Paintball Products (Canada)
Release date: March 2003
Price: Depends

Notes: Blizzard Paintball Products was run by a group of guys who lived in Québec. They made totally custom impulses. The customer would tell them what parts, milling and color they wanted and BPP would quote a price.

BPP also made their own delrin bolts and LPR mods, as well as custom cockers, e-cockers and cockers parts. Since every one of their guns was unique, the "Blizzard Impulse" was not pre-manufactured and sold. BPP was merely a custom milling and anno shop.

    * Customer chose parts and upgrades - so the features vary

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